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               Βλάβες OTE


Tu Talk is an easy international calling App that lets you make cheap international calls to anywhere in the world regardless of which country you are located in. It gives you the option to place a call via 3 different methods:


- A local access number which will usually be free to dial from the country in which you are located.

- If a local access number is not available in the country in which you are situated you can make the call using your mobile data or Wi-Fi (the recipient of the call does not have to have our App installed).

- If you can't dial a local access number and don't have access to a Wi-FI or a data connection you can use our Call Back feature where you will not be charged for the call.


 Our automated system then calls you and the person you wish to reach and connect both of you automatically.


 It's an incoming call for both


You'll save up to 90% on your international calls versus what your mobile provider might charge you.


 See rates to all destinations in the app.


 Staying in touch with friends and family around the world is so easy and inexpensive with Tu Talk. Low calling rates and no fees mean you won't pay a lot to stay connected. Plus the app makes international dialing as simple as one tap. Add funds to your calling balance in the app, on the website or at a participating retailer.

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